Motoring Experts Say 2017 is Going to be Expensive

Owning a car in the UK has never been cheap, but motoring experts are saying that 2017 could be the most expensive ever.

That’s right, if you own a car or are thinking about buying one then you might just want to reconsider. Maybe catch the bus or ride a bicycle instead? I reckon some people might just be doing that.

So why are we in for such an expensive year you might be asking? Good question, and according to experts it is because of 4 things.

Expensive car prices

If you are planning to buy a new car then you might want to hurry up, because many are predicting that car prices in the UK are going to be getting very expensive.

They say the reason for this is because the value of the pound is currently quite weak, and once Brexit happens it could become even weaker. Not only that, but UK consumers might be forced to pay more for imported cars once we are no longer part of the European Union.

New car tax rules

So the government have decided they need more cash out of UK drivers, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by bringing in new car tax rules.

A recent study by a consumer website found that under the new car tax rules, 7 out of 10 drivers will be paying more. If this includes you, then expect 2017 to get a lot more expensive if you want to keep driving.

Petrol prices

For years now UK drivers have been charged outrageous prices for petrol. Many other countries laugh at how much we are forced to pay.

At the time of writing, the average cost for a litre of petrol in the UK is £1.21, but due to problems with oil production in many places where the UK import it from, we could soon be finding ourselves in a position where demand outweighs supply, and that of course is going to send prices to the point where many people will wonder why they even bother.

Car insurance

This is a car insurance blog, so it was no surprise to me when experts started talking about car insurance becoming more expensive in 2017.

I’ve talked before about many of the reasons why. For example, crash for cash scams and uninsured drivers are a couple of reasons.

Fortunately, this is the one expense that you can do something about. If you have just been quoted a price by your current car insurance company and you don’t like it, then simply use a comparison website to find a cheaper deal.

My advice? Use a site that is straight forward and easy to use…one that doesn’t use any gimmicks such as free toys. Who cares about getting a toy anyway? Getting the cheapest car insurance possible should be your only goal.

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