Crash for Cash in UK Costs £340 Million a Year

The crash for cash scam is something we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. According to Insurance experts it costs the UK £340 million a year.

Who pays for it though? Unfortunately it is you, the honest and hard working vehicle owner that is having to pick up the bill for these fraudulent claims.

Crash for Cash = Expensive Car Insurance

Ever wonder why your car insurance policy is getting more expensive each year? Crash for cash is one of the main reasons, and that is why the UK public need to become more aware of what is going on.

What usually happens is criminal gangs patrol the roads of the UK looking for victims. Sometimes they can be based in London, but will travel miles away to find a victim. Don’t think that just because you live in the countryside or away from high crime area this won’t happen to you. It very well could.

You might just be driving along and the car in front slams on their breaks causing a collision. Another scenario is where a car flashes their lights to let you out of a junction, only to then crash into you. They do this on purpose of course, with the intention of blaming you for the accident.

After a few weeks your car insurance company will get a huge bill for things like recovery, repairs and car hire, with costs that have been mostly made up and exaggerated.

Many of these crash for cash gangs actually have their own repair shops and car hire companies, so it is easy for them to make things up.

£50 More Per Year

The end result here is that your car insurance will become more expensive, even though you’ve done nothing wrong. Some reports suggest that everyone in the UK is now having to pay £50 more each year because of fraudulent car insurance claims. It really isn’t on and something needs to be done about it.

If you do find yourself in a position where an incident has happened on the road and you are suspicious about it being a crash for cash scam then it’s important you don’t admit any kind of liability at the scene.

They will try and get you to do this, but refuse and take written notes of everything that happened, along with pictures, video, and the accounts of any witnesses who were nearby at the time of the accident.

Phone the Police as well. At this point, many fraudsters won’t want to stay on the scene, and they might even look to get away.

I really do think that everyone in the UK needs to be doing their bit to stop these crash for cash scams, so make sure you are aware of what is happening around you. Once this happens then criminal gangs will turn their attention elsewhere.

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