New Survey – Over Half of Young Drivers Would “Front”

In a bid to get cheap car insurance more than 50% of young drivers said they would “front” or be involved in the act of “fronting.”

This is all according to a new survey by a popular insurance company, where they asked 500 drivers between the ages of 17 and 24.

Now before we get into all of this, some of you might be wondering what exactly does it mean to “front” or be involved in “fronting.”

Quite simply, it’s when a driver, usually a young driver, puts someone else as the main driver on the insurance policy even though they are going to be one driving the vehicle.

Typically, it will be a parent or other relative that is the main driver, with the youngster only being a named driver. In reality though, the person named as the main driver will most likely never even use the car.

Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

Why do this? To get cheap car insurance of course, because if there is one thing we all know it’s that young drivers are getting charged a lot of money to insure their cars, sometimes to the point where they can’t afford it.

While I can understand the frustration of a young driver when they get an outrageous car insurance quote, there is no getting around the fact that fronting is illegal and you should never do it.

Not only will it make the policy not worth the paper it is printed on if the insurance company find out, but you could also find yourself in trouble with the Police.

We’ve heard recently how Scottish Police are getting tough on uninsured drivers. Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if Police all around the UK are going to really start focusing on finding drivers who dodge their car insurance duties, whether it be not having insurance at all or by fronting.

Parents in Trouble, Too

It’s not just the driver who would get into trouble. If you are a parent, Uncle, Auntie, best friend…or whatever, and you deliberately and knowingly assist someone in the act of fronting, then you could also get into trouble. It just isn’t worth it all round if you ask me.

Yes car insurance is more expensive than ever before, and yes, young drivers probably are charged a bit too much, but thinking that fronting is the answer is just not right.

So what can young drivers do to get cheap car insurance without getting on the wrong side of insurance companies or the Police? Without a doubt, the best option is to use a comparison website, such as this one, where you enter your details once and then get many different quotes.

Another way is go with a company that offer telematics, so they can record your driving data and offer you a more reasonable quote based on this.

If you are a law abiding driver then telematics is definitely a great way to get the cheap car insurance you deserve.

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