Police to go After Uninsured Drivers, Starting Tomorrow

Scottish Police are known to be some of the most friendly and fair in the UK, but when it comes to uninsured drivers they have zero tolerance.

Starting from tomorrow, Monday 30th January, the Scottish Police Force are beginning a nationwide campaign to find uninsured drivers and get them off the road.

Get Car Insurance, Now

This is part of a week long focused effort which runs until Sunday, and Police are advising all motorists in Scotland right now…if you don’t have car insurance then you better get it quickly.

That’s right. If you are planning to get on the road in cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Inverness, or any of the other cities, towns, and villages in Scotland then make sure you have car insurance, because if you don’t then the Police are on to you.

When you consider that the cheapest car insurance in the UK is in Scotland, where drivers pay significantly less than England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, then there really isn’t any excuse not to have your insurance in order.

My advise is to start with a UK car insurance comparison website, where you enter basic details about yourself and your car and then instantly get quotes from insurance companies.

If you live in Scotland then chances are you will end up paying less than what the national average currently is anyway, so it really is a win-win situation if you ask me.

Car Insurance Comparison

The vast majority of people now use a comparison website as the starting point for cheap car insurance, and for most, they quickly find a quote that meets their needs and budget. Most are pleasantly surprised by how much of a bargain they can get.

Back to this new Police campaign and it has come to my attention that officers already have intelligence about certain uninsured drivers, which means they are probably going to be parked up on Monday morning and waiting for some people to start their car.

If a driver doesn’t have car insurance they can expect to face points on their license and a fine. The vehicle will be taken away, which typically requires more money from the driver to be released.

Police will also be focusing on areas where uninsured drivers are known to drive. Something tells me they are going to be stopping a lot of cars this week.

Do you know what though…this needs to happen because driving without insurance just isn’t on. I would like to see other places in the UK follow the example being set by Scottish Police here. The more uninsured drivers they can get off the road, the better.

When you consider that car insurance is more expensive because insurers have to make up that lost money somehow, then we should all be applauding the efforts of Police in Scotland and anywhere else that wants to go after these uninsured drivers.

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