Co-Op Car Insurance Told, “Make Quotes More Clear”

While the Co-Op might not be the first place you go looking for car insurance, it appears they are becoming a popular choice for drivers who want a policy.

However, after an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority, also known as the CMA, Co-Op car insurance have been ordered to make sure that all of the quotes they give people are clear and easy to understand.

Multiple Quotations

What seems to have happened is that when a customer got a quote from Co-Op it didn’t include information about separate charges for no claims bonuses. In other words, people were told one price and then when they got to the checkout page were given another.

Now I don’t know exactly what has been going on here, but this is what the CMA are saying, and as a result they claim that 120,000 customers were given a car insurance quote by the Co-Op that was not easy to understand.

This has resulted in the message – “make quotes more clear.”

My opinion? I think that all car insurance companies should do more to make quotes clear and simple. Sometimes they are confusing, although I’m sure that isn’t their intention…but it can be frustrating to get one quote and then find the price is more expensive when you go to pay.

Car Insurance Comparison

That is why I always tell people to use a trustworthy car insurance comparison website. One where the main focus is on real quotes with no fancy gimmicks or stupid toys. The number you get quoted is the one you pay.

I don’t know about you but I prefer to do business with companies that are straight forward and not trying to confuse you with endless small print and hidden charges.

Anyway, back to Co-Op car insurance and since the CMA published their findings it now seems as though they are going to provide customers with 2 separate quotes…one that includes the no claims protection and one that doesn’t.

That is a good move by Co-Op if you ask me. It makes sure there is no confusion and customers know exactly what they are going to pay if they choose to proceed with a quote.

It’s always encouraging to see these companies take on board feedback and then use it to make their service better.

I’m sure that Co-Op car insurance is something we are going to be hearing more about, as they continue to offer clear and fair quotes to members of the UK public.

The best way to get quotes is by comparing as many companies as possible of course. Best of all, it only takes about 3 minutes to put in some basic details to get started.

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