BIZARRE…Car Parked on Top of Another Car

In a bizarre situation that has left many baffled, a driver managed to park their car on top of another car in a train station car park.

Commuters couldn’t believe what they saw on their way to catch a train last week at Kirkcaldy train station, with many stopping to take pictures of the unusual parking manoeuvre so they could share the sight with family and friends on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How? Just How?

One person uploaded the picture to Twitter with the quote – “Kirkcaldy train station car park today. How? Just how?” My thoughts exactly.

Another social media account read, “Some dodgy parking at the station in Kirkcaldy.” I think their observation skills are right on point there.

What appears to have happened is that a VW Polo was innocently parked in the car park just minding its own business and with the driver already on a train somewhere no doubt. At some point the driver of a Mazda then reversed onto the VW Polo…literally, right on top of it.

I guess the driver must have been in a rush to catch a train, and when they couldn’t find any available parking spaces decided that a parking space could hold two cars.

Car Parking: Out of Bays

What had many people laughing is that right next to the parking space where the two cars were parked, there was a sign that read “parking out of bays is an offence.” Perhaps the driver of the Mazda took that warning a bit too literally.

Interestingly, Police are totally confused about how this whole situation happened, and have yet to offer an explanation to the media.

They’ve even tried to contact the driver of the Mazda for more information about what went on (and how they managed to park on top of another car) by putting a leaflet under the windscreen with a phone number to call.

Yes I’m sure that the driver of the Mazda is going to come back to their car and then notice the leaflet on their windscreen, before “climbing” into the drivers seat and then doing a “jump start” to get back on the road.

What happens if the driver of the VW Polo came back first though? Perhaps the Police left a leaflet on their windscreen saying “wait for the car on your roof to leave before driving off.”

I would have liked to hear the conversation between the owner of the VW Polo and their car insurance company – “Hello, a car is parked on my car, am I insured for that?” That is one they probably have not heard before.

As of right now we have no further details about this situation, although Police have confirmed they are looking into it.

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