Just Ask Your Car for Cheap Car Insurance say Ford

If you want to get cheap car insurance then it won’t be long until you can just simply ask your car for it without having to go online or fill in any forms.

That is what car giant Ford want to introduce over the next few years, as they recently announced at the 2016 CES tech expo a partnership with Amazon that could result in you only having to speak to your car in order to find the cheapest car insurance quotes.

Car Insurance Software

How will this all work exactly? While they haven’t released the exact details, what it seems to involve is some kind of software that Amazon have been working on, which is then going to be installed into Ford cars so you can start searching for car insurance.

I’ve talked before about companies like Tesla who are working on “super computers” that will be installed in cars and have the ability to do a lot of things. This is obviously the future, but it’s difficult to say exactly when it becomes the norm in cars.

Right now though, everything is still in the testing phase, which Ford have recently been doing a lot of according to reports, even moving to a brand new location in California.

Self driving cars is top of their agenda, but the technology is still primitive, and it could be a few years before you can sit back and read the paper during your morning commute to walk.

In the meantime you can expect a lot of innovations such as this software that allows you to speak with your car and get things like cheap car insurance, so it really will be interesting to see what happens.

Endless Possibilities

It isn’t only car insurance that will be on offer, as the potential for this kind of technology is endless. Many people on the internet are already speculating about the tasks which can be automated, such as starting your car from inside the house, opening the garage doors with a command, even paying bills while driving.

Then of course we have something such as telematics, which when used in the right way makes car insurance a lot cheaper as many drivers are finding out.

You should ask your car insurance company about telematics because it really can save you a lot of money.

The one question I get asked a lot by the UK public is will car insurance become a lot cheaper once cars are self driving, or even, will car insurance be needed at all?

I definitely think drivers will benefit from cheap car insurance once driverless technology takes over, although there is always a need for some type of cover. However, by that time you might only have to ask your car for the latest quotes.

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