Young Drivers Told to Shop Around for Car Insurance

Data analysis by a popular car insurance company shows that young drivers pay £350 more for car insurance because they don’t compare quotes.

This had led to many in the industry calling for all of the young drivers out there to always shop around,  because at the end of the day, it will save you money.

The data found that most young drivers don’t get any other quotes once they have found one that fits within their budget, and then when they have a policy with a specific company they tend to let it auto renew rather than seeing what else is out there.

Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If anything, I think that young people should be the group that is shopping around the most, because on average they typically have the most expensive car insurance, which ultimately means they should make getting cheaper quotes their main priority.

Also, don’t forget to look at new technology such as telematics where data on your driving is recorded and then then passed on to the car insurance company. If you are a good driver then using this will almost certainly save you money.

It’s like I am always telling people, it really doesn’t take you as much time and effort as you think to get cheaper car insurance, the key is to look in the right places.

Start off with a respectable comparison website that gets quotes from all the best car insurance companies. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time filling in online forms either. Just a few simple details and that is enough, mostly it will only take you a few minutes.

Once you’ve got a few quotes and chosen the best one, then make sure you speak directly with the company to enquire about things like telematics to make your policy even more cheaper. Not all companies offer it, but as a young driver it really can be a great way to make the most savings.

Shopping Around Saves Money

This doesn’t just apply to young drivers however, because right now I think everybody could do with getting the ability to find cheaper car insurance.

I’ve written recently about how many people are finding it more expensive to insure their car than ever before, with statistics showing that car insurance costs about £100 more right now than last year.

The solution of course is to shop around rather than taking the first quote you are offered, and never just let your policy auto-renew, because in general your car insurance will get more expensive.

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