Record Number Refused Car Insurance Quotes

In Ireland there appears to be a problem for some people when it comes to getting car insurance quotes, as many were refused last year.

Data shows that over 1200 people in Ireland were refused a quote by 3 or more car insurance companies in 2016, compared to 1164 in 2015.

What is going on here you might be wondering? Why are so many Irish people getting refused car insurance quotes? Of course, it’s completely at the discretion of an insurance company if they want to take on a customer or not, but it still seems a bit odd that this is happening on a regular basis.

Is Your Vehicle Roadworthy?

One expert claims that a reason why they might not want to insure someone or even offer a quote is because a vehicle isn’t in a roadworthy condition. Who knows for sure, but it’s certainly something that should be looked at closer in my opinion to find out exactly what the problem is.

However, because car insurance is mandatory in Ireland, just like in the UK, anyone that has been refused a car insurance quote by 3 different companies is entitled to get one on their 4th try thanks to an agreement that was passed by Irish law in 2015.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if 3 car insurance companies in Ireland don’t want you as a customer…there is someone out there who does.

What kind of quote will you get, well, that is a different matter, because as we all know car insurance is getting more expensive with each passing year, no matter where you live.

Some of the car insurance quotes you get can seem a bit on the outrageous side, but the key is to shop around as much as possible if you can, and even use a comparison website to connect with as many companies as possible.

More Transparency Required on Premiums

This comes at a time when an independent committee was recently hired to look closer into the industry of Irish car insurance and their findings were…that many of the top car insurance companies in the country were acting like cartels. They also called for more public transparency when it comes to releasing accurate statistics.

The main companies in Ireland haven’t been silent thought, and they hit back at the independent committee by claiming that one of the main reasons why car insurance has become expensive for Irish people is because there are just so many uninsured drivers on the road.

It’s also worth noting that when asked about why so many people were being refused car insurance quotes in Ireland, a spokesperson for one of the companies said that it only accounted for “0.05% of the market.”

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