Brits Spend Over £20 Billion a Year on Car Maintenance

According to a new survey British people spend a whopping £21.1 Billion pounds a year on car maintenance, which includes servicing and repairs.

This puts us at the number 1 spot worldwide, as we spend more each year than any other country including the USA.

It just goes to show that British people really care for their cars, with things like car insurance and petrol being main expenses.

The new survey was put together by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, or the SMMT for short, who were shocked when they saw the results.

I’m a bit surprised as well to be honest, as I wouldn’t have expected UK drivers to spend the most worldwide, but as the results of the survey very clearly tell us, the average person in this country does.

Compare Car Insurance and Save Money

Perhaps this has something to do with car insurance becoming more expensive this year?

If you are paying more for your policy than ever before, then I would suggest checking out some other companies for a different quote. This can be done by filling in a quick form with some simple details.

What I’m most impressed with is that British drivers take prompt action when it comes to repairs. The survey found that, on average, a vehicle owner in the UK is most likely to get a repair done straight away, while in other countries they often leave it weeks or months, choosing instead to drive around with a car that isn’t working properly.

It’s good to see that Brits want to be safe and are not willing to take chances. This alone means that car insurance should be cheaper in my opinion, not more expensive like we have been witnessing recently.

Other interesting statistics shown by the survey is that the UK automotive aftermarket contributes over £12 billion pounds to the UK economy which is responsible for 345,000 jobs.

There is also approximately 30 million cars in the UK that need repairing or servicing on a regular basis, which puts us at the number 4 position in Europe, although we are expected to overtake France by 2022.

Taking Prime Your Car’s Appearance

Another area where Brits like to spend money on cars is making sure they look good, whether it be taking it to the local car wash or buying cleaning products to do it themselves.

I must say that clean cars are a regular sight on our roads, despite all the bad weather we get, and it’s not uncommon to see people out cleaning their cars at all times of the year.

So the message is clear here…us Brits like to spend money on our cars, no matter if it’s essential things like car insurance, or non essential things like cleaning products.

One things is for sure though, I think we are going to keep on spending.

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