Drivers in Scotland have Cheapest Car Insurance

Ever wondered where in the UK gets the cheapest car insurance quotes? A new study has found that place to be Scotland.

Residents of Glasgow typically pay an average of £562 for their car insurance policy, while people in London are faced with a whopping £1177 payment each and every year.

However, Scotland may very well be the top place to insure your car but the study also found that it’s the worst place for driver rage, with more road rage incidents happening in Glasgow than any other city.

Not only that but let’s not forget about the Scottish Transport Minister who was recently caught driving without any car insurance. It’s strange really, when you consider it is so cheap in Scotland. Perhaps he should get on a comparison website and find himself a deal.

Cheaper Car Insurance for the over 50s

Anyway, back to the study and it’s good to see the over 50’s are being well looked after, as they enjoy the cheapest car insurance with the average being only £348. As I’ve always said, if you have a good driving record and a history of no claims then you should be rewarded.

I’m always getting a lot of people telling me how their car insurance has become more expensive…despite not making any claims and being a perfect driver.

This just seems to be the way many of the top insurance companies are treating their customers these days, and it’s only going to stop is if you start shopping around when not satisfied with your renewal quote.

Comparing Car Insurance Lowers Premiums

Interestingly, it appears people in Scotland might be the smartest when it comes to comparing car insurance, and this could be one factor in why they have the lowest premiums in the UK.

When asked about Scottish motorists, a spokesperson for Consumer Intelligence commented, “we are seeing a real acceleration in shopping around. All customers need to ensure they are receiving the best value for money from their insurer which should be easier as providers need to make it clear what last year’s premium was when they send renewals.”

It’s good to find out that consumers are becoming more educated about where to get cheaper quotes, especially when it comes time to renew their policy.

Years ago it was generally accepted that you would stick with your insurance company, and in turn, your loyalty would be rewarded. These days this just doesn’t happen, which means you should always shop around and compare different quotes.

At the end of the day, if you can find the cheapest car insurance elsewhere then take it. It’s not uncommon to save hundreds of pounds just by spending the time to compare quotes.

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