Golf Carts and Dodgems Need Car Insurance Say EU Chiefs

The UK may have voted out of Europe, but until we actually leave there are certain EU laws that need to be followed.

Well, it now seems that a new EU Directive is suggesting that anybody driving a vehicle on private land in the UK will need to be insured, and this includes any type of vehicle…including golf carts and dodgems.

That’s right, if you visit the fair next year with your kids, then make sure you take your car insurance policy along just in case. Not only that, but it’s probably a good idea to put your 10 year old as one of the named drivers.

Do we really need car insurance for golf carts and dodgems? I don’t think so at all, but if the EU decides to implement this new law then unfortunately we won’t have any choice.

Other vehicles that have been mentioned by EU chiefs include segways, ride-on lawnmowers, ride-on children’s toys and many other vehicles that have left many people wondering what is going on here? Do these type of vehicles really need car insurance? I don’t think so.

It’s bizarre really, that driving a golf cart on private land means you could require car insurance, but riding a bicycle on public roads requires absolutely nothing. Maybe these EU chiefs should sit back down and get back to the drawing board, because if you ask me they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.

Fortunately, it appears there is a bit of common sense in the UK government, because inside sources have commented that a clause will be drafted into the rules, which means we can drop any new laws once Brexit has happened.

In other words, once the UK leave Europe, you will no longer have to find cheap car insurance quotes just to go for a night at the fair.

A source close to the UK government who wishes to remain nameless said, “we oppose any measures which impose an unreasonable burden on the public. We will use the consultation responses to get the best result for the country.”

In my opinion, the UK public have enough expenses without having to pay out more money. Sure, having car insurance for a vehicle that goes on public roads is very much needed, but for a golf cart that is driven around a private golf course at 5mph, or dodgems that kids have been having fun with for years without any problems…it’s just plain madness if you ask me.

It all depends on how quickly we leave the EU of course. If it’s next year then we may never see a golf cart insurance comparison website, but if it’s longer then get ready to start comparing golf cart insurance quotes.

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