TV Show “This Morning” Shares Simple Car Insurance Tricks

Financial expert Martin Lewis recently appeared on the popular TV show “This Morning,” and it was car insurance that became the main topic of conversation.

We all know this guy for his range of tips on how to save money, choose the right credit card, and switch energy companies for cheaper deals…but I must admit that his car insurance saving tips are pretty good as well, so make sure you listen up if you want to get the cheapest quotes possible.

One interesting piece of information he shared straight away was about your job title when filling out the car insurance form. “Try tweaking it a little bit,” he said, “but don’t lie of course,” he went on to add.

I agree. Sometimes the way you word your job title can have a beneficial effect on the quote you are offered, so you might want to give that a try.

At the end of the day, it’s often the smallest of things that gets you very cheap car insurance, so be prepared to spend a bit of time when filling out the online form.

Another tip from Martin Lewis is to start shopping around for quotes 60 days away from your renewal date. Unfortunately, most people leave it right until the last minute, but this puts them in a bad position because they just don’t have the time to get enough quotes for the cheapest deals.

The more time you give yourself for finding quotes, the more chance you have of getting the very best policy…even if it is with a different car insurance company.

Other things Martin mentioned was to “consider a multi-car policy as it may be cheaper,” and that “comprehensive may be cheaper than third party insurance,” (something I recently talked about on this site).

He also added that you should “avoid paying monthly,” and always “haggle” if you get the chance.

Very good tips there from Martin, and I think if you follow his advice then it’s more than possible you could save hundreds off your next car insurance policy.

Another tip I would add is to use an independent third party price comparison car insurance website…one that gets prices from all of the leading insurance companies and just gives you honest quotes without any sales tactics or endless forms to fill in.

Typically, you should spend no longer than 10 minutes putting in your details to get cheap car insurance quotes. Give it a try.

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