48% Would Own Electric Cars with Neighbours

The next 20 years is a crucial time for the electric car market, but one benefit many didn’t expect is the potential friendship between neighbours.

That’s right, a new survey which asked thousands of UK drivers what they think about electric cars came up with some interesting statistics. For example, 48% of people answered that they would share an electric car with their neighbour.

I’m not sure exactly how that would work? Do they mean just sharing an electric car charge point in order to charge up their cars, or actually sharing a car? Personally, I think sharing a car insurance policy with your neighbour is taking things a bit too far.

However, there is currently 60,000 homes in the UK that have a home charging point that is suitable for electric cars, and with a new government grant offering £500 towards installing one, I could very well see many people taking advantage of this, even if they don’t plan on owning an electric car in the future, they could always let their neighbours use it.

One thing I do know is that right now is a very exciting time for the motor industry. Not only are we witnessing things like electric cars and home charging points, but major companies like Google and Apple are investing Billions into self driving car technology.

The cars we see on the road could be a lot different in 20 years time than what is around right now.

Manufacturer Nissan have even gone as far to say there will be more charging points than petrol stations by 2020. Let’s wait to see what happens with that one.

Most importantly though, whether it is electric cars or self driving cars, my opinion is that running a car in Britain is going to be a lot cheaper, whether it be with not having to spend money on petrol or because of cheap car insurance quotes.

The survey also went on to ask people about what other things they would like to happen in the future. 37% mentioned about front door locks that are opened by fingerprints (that sounds like a good one).

One I can definitely agree with is the 11% who want robotic gardeners in the future. Just hand them the tools and away they go, while you sit back and supervise.

So can you expect more friendship with your neighbours in the future because of electric cars? I’m not so sure, but if charging up your motor gave you cheaper car insurance then I would definitely be keen on that idea.

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