Cheap Car Insurance Plans Banned by Facebook?

Who else wants cheap car insurance? Most people no doubt, but it seems that Facebook don’t want you to have it.

One of the biggest car insurance companies Admiral who insure millions of motorists in the UK, recently announced plans to use Facebook as a way to offer more accurate quotes to people looking for car insurance.

Basically, the plan was to allow their smart technology access to your Facebook posts, so it could analyse more about your personality in order to get a better understanding of your driving style.

Don’t ask me how this works because I don’t have a clue. I’m sure there has been millions of pounds spent on this type of technology, but it’s difficult to see how a few Facebook posts could really offer that kind of insight, especially when it isn’t even being analysed by a human.

Who knows exactly what is going on over there at Aviva headquarters in their car insurance department, but what I do know is that in theory this does sound like a good idea, because the end result is that many people are going to get very cheap car insurance because of it.

However, when these plans were first announced a couple of months ago there was a lot of criticism about the idea of a company being allowed access to a private Facebook account.

If they were doing it without the permission of the account owner then I would agree, but at the end of the day as long as you give your consent then I don’t really understand what the problem is here.

When you go to get a car insurance quote at Aviva and they say “If we are allowed access to your Facebook account you could save up to £400,” would you do it? Most people would for the simple reason that they are not that bothered about sharing their Facebook posts with a third party…there really isn’t that much secretive stuff that people share on these social media sites anyway.

Facebook decided to not allow Aviva and their smart technology access to the accounts of potential customers, which means we are still left wondering if all of this even works or not. At the same time, many people looking for cheap car insurance are still not getting the discounts they deserve.

My advice? Always spend time comparing car insurance online when it comes time to get your first policy or renew.

We might not be at the point where companies like Aviva can look at your Facebook posts to give you cheap car insurance quotes, but if you put in some effort to getting different quotes then you have a good chance of being offered a policy at a fair price.

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