Gang Jailed After £600k Car Insurance Scam

You’ve no doubt heard about “crash for cash” where criminals are conning car insurance companies, but it now seems like the fight back has begun.

A gang of 35 criminals who specialised in car insurance scams appeared at Carlisle Crown Court recently and it didn’t go very well for them, with many of the leaders being handed jail sentences for their part in various crimes around the UK.

Basically, they have been staging crashes with innocent motorists, and then using false documents to claim from the car insurance companies.

Nine members of the gang received jail sentences, while the others had suspended sentences, which means if they ever do something like this again then they can expect to be heading directly to jail.

They made a total of 27 “crash for cash” incidents between 2010 and 2014, and then got their money from leading car insurance companies through things like vehicle repair, car hire and storage costs.

It’s good to see that justice has been served and the Police are doing something about this kind of thing. Let’s face it, if nothing is done then it only serves to make car insurance premiums more expensive, because insurance companies are looking to get back the money they are losing, and it is the law abiding UK drivers who have to foot the bill of course.

This just isn’t on at all. If you are a someone who drives safely and doesn’t make many claims, then you should be rewarded with cheap car insurance quotes when it comes time to renew your policy. Unfortunately this just isn’t happening for many people.

When these criminals are brought to justice then it sends out a clear message to any other gangs that are planning to crash for cash…you will get caught and you will go to jail.

A spokesperson for the Police sent out a clear message, “This should serve as a warning to others – crash for cash scams will be investigated.”

Hopefully, we are now going to see less of these types of crimes over the next few years, and in turn, the car insurance quotes will start to become cheaper.

It’s good to see the Police are doing their bit, but I also think car insurance companies need to step up their game as well. More checks should be done when making payouts, especially when it involves large amounts of costs.

The reason why these kind of scams exist is because it’s easy for these criminals to exploit. If the insurance companies do more to stop it, then gangs will move away from car insurance completely, which ultimately is what we all want.

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