Transport Minister Didn’t Have Car Insurance

There are many people that drive illegally without car insurance, but you wouldn’t expect the transport minster to be one of them.

Humza Yousaf who is the Scottish transport minister was stopped by Police recently in Glasgow while driving his car, and when they asked him for details of his car insurance it appears he couldn’t provide them with any.

I don’t think you could make this kind of story up really. The transport minister of Scotland, someone who is supposed to follow the laws of the government he is a part of, decides to go for a drive without insurance.

Perhaps he should have visited a car insurance comparison website before he left the house. I’m sure he would have found some great deals.

According to Humza Yousaf, what actually happened is that he was driving a friends car and just assumed that his car insurance policy covered him for driving any car.

Well, as it turns out he wasn’t covered, and once the Police recognised this fact they took the car away from the transport minister and left him to catch the bus.

Not only that, but he is sure to get a fine for his mistake, as well as having a few difficult questions to answer when he next arrives at work.

Huzma Yousaf went on Twitter to talk about his side of the story, saying that it was an “honest mistake” and that “if I had even the slightest doubt about my insurance I would not have driven the car.”

This just goes to show that you should always check your car insurance policy when you get it, and make sure you are allowed to drive other vehicles before going out in another car.

Never assume anything, because if you are pulled over by the Police and they find out you don’t have the correct insurance, then you are in trouble.

Police officers can check with a simple phone call, and if you are not the named driver on the car insurance policy for the vehicle, and if you are not insured to drive the car on your own policy, then they have the power to away the car.

So make sure you have the correct car insurance before you leave the house, and if you are looking to renew your policy and want to have the ability to drive any car, then spend some time getting quotes from the leading insurance companies.

All you have to do is fill out a form and answer some basic questions, and in no time you get the cheapest quotes for fully comprehensive car insurance.

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