Don’t Buy Car Insurance on a Saturday says Reporter

Millions of Brits could be paying too much for car insurance because they are getting quotes on a Saturday according to a reporter for a National newspaper.

It seems like the perfect time to get a quote or renew your policy. You don’t have any work and can spend the afternoon getting quotes without rushing. Most people would expect to save money by doing this.

However, when Alisha Rouse decided to renew her car insurance with Admiral on a Saturday, to her surprise the quote she got was £58 more than the previous year, despite the fact she had not made any claims and held a perfect driving record.

You would think in these kind of circumstances Alisha would be rewarded by her car insurance company, but it seems not.

She isn’t alone though. Every week I am getting reports from unhappy and fed up UK drivers who are paying more for car insurance each year, even when they have no claims and perfect driving records. Something just isn’t on here. People should be rewarded, not charged more.

In an interesting twist to the story, Alisha Rouse decided to not take up her renewal quote from Admiral, and instead, she went back on the computer the following Thursday to get some other quotes from a insurance comparison website.

Would you believe that the cheapest quote she got was from Admiral? The previous Saturday they had given her a renewal quote of £949, but now, the following Thursday her quote was only £792, a saving of £157.

Maybe there is something in this getting a car insurance quote on a weekday she thought, so the following Wednesday she went back on the comparison website and guess what? The cheapest was Admiral again, only this time it was even cheaper at £788.70…cheaper than the previous week by £3.30.

Confused by these cheaper quotes in the week compared to a more expensive quote at the weekend, Alisha decided to talk with some industry experts to find out why this was happening.

It turns out that any car insurance you get has a lot to do with supply and demand. In other words, during a Saturday afternoon when most people are shopping around for insurance, the quotes tend to be more expensive, while on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon when there is less people, you can usually get cheaper quotes.

So does this mean you should avoid getting quotes on a Saturday? Not necessarily, but it does show the importance of comparing car insurance quotes on different days, as it can easily save you a lot of money. Definitely something to consider when you want to renew a policy or get a brand new quote.

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