Airport Parking Firm Wrecks Holidaymakers Car

When you go on holiday the last thing you want to be worrying about is the safety of your car…that’s why you leave it at the airport.

So you can imagine the surprise that one woman experienced when she returned from 2 weeks on the beach in Croatia, only to find that her Citroen had been wrecked by the airport parking firm she had left it with. This isn’t just a few dents we are talking about here, they basically wrote off her car.

What on earth is going on here? Sure, there is always going to be a few mishaps that occur when you are in this kind of business, but to write off a customers car…where did they take it, a formula one track? I just hope this firm had good insurance cover as I think they are going to need it.

When the woman got back from Croatia she found the front wheel was no longer part of the car after one of the staff had crashed it into a wall before then proceeding to crash into parked cars.

It makes you wonder who was driving this vehicle and did they even have a license? Even someone with basic driving skills can avoid doing such destruction. This was probably their first time in a car.

Not only that, but the airport parking firm who operate out of Manchester Airport are now refusing to accept responsibility. Can you believe that? First they trash her car and then deny they’ve done anything wrong. What exactly did happen to it then? It’s difficult to see what their defence is going to be in all of this if it gets to court.

This isn’t the first time this parking firm have been in trouble however. In the past they have been reckless with other customers cars, even abandoning vehicles in pub car parks.

It really does make you wonder how they are even still trading after all of this. Surely Manchester Airport or the Police should have done something by now.

When asked to comment, the owner of the airport parking firm said that the car was being transferred from one site to another, and that one of the cars they crashed into was illegally parked. Right…so if you crash into a car that shouldn’t be there, it immediately makes you innocent regardless of the situation? He might want to rethink that statement in my opinion.

The owner of the firm went on to say that his company was safe and secure, with drivers that had years of experience. Perhaps what he meant to say was “years of experience of wrecking cars and leaving them in pub car parks.”

Anyway, let’s just hope this woman gets her car sorted out through their car insurance.

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