New Electric Car Insurance Company is Opened

While electric cars are not as popular as many experts thought they would be by now, there is a small market for them in the UK.

To fill this niche, a new company in Shropshire has opened its doors with the goal of offering electric car insurance to drivers at competitive prices.

Greenways Insurance Consultants is their name, and they are just one of a handful of electric car insurance companies now open for business.

When you consider that an estimated 50,000 electric cars are now being driven on our roads, it’s easy to see why some companies are choosing to focus on insuring people who prefer this type of vehicle.

The founder and owner of Greenways Insurance Consultants said, “we will offer electric car owners a carefully tailored insurance policy.”

However, this doesn’t mean that electric car owners should go with a specialist insurance company, as many of the mainstream insurance companies will also give you a quote.

That is why I suggest you get as many quotes as possible to find out what is being offered, and only move forward once you’re satisfied that you have the best insurance, and cheapest if that is something you want.

The one thing everybody wants to know is this…are electric cars the future? I think they could be, but it’s going to be a while until major car manufacturers start producing them for the general public.

A few reports are suggesting that car makers such as BMW and Audi are going to have 25% of their range as electric cars by 2020, although I think figure is very ambitious Who knows though? If an electric car becomes a popular seller and people start to see it on the roads, then millions of sales could soon follow.

For now though, let’s not forget that selling petrol is an industry worth billions of pounds, so I’m sure these companies are going to do everything they can to stop electric cars from becoming the norm. It’s simply in their best interests.

The car industry is certainly very interesting right now, and consumers are going to getting a lot more choice.

With reports of self driving technology from companies such as Tesla and Google becoming more suitable for a vehicle that could actually be used on the roads, and the fact that electric cars are now owned by thousands of people in the UK alone, there is definitely a change in the way people are thinking about their vehicle buying options.

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