Drivers Paying 9% More for Car Insurance

A recent survey by ABI has found that UK drivers are paying more for car insurance than in 2015, with an average of £38 being added to premiums.

Not only that, but many of those surveyed were safe drivers with no recent car insurance claims.

You know, I thought that good drivers were supposed to get lower premiums? It seems that many car insurance companies just don’t want to reward people who are honest and follow the rules.

It went on to reveal that an average comprehensive car insurance policy in the UK is £440. The same time last year this was only £402. A significant difference for sure, and it just goes to show that car insurance is getting more expensive in many parts of the country.

If you are a regular reader of this site then you will be aware of the post I wrote recently about certain areas of the UK where an average policy is over £1000.

Of course, this isn’t going to be in the suburbs or around the smaller towns and cities, but if you live in Manchester or London then you might be in for a surprise the next time you go for a car insurance quote.

Overall, I think these kind of statistics are part of an overall trend where insuring your motor vehicle is getting more expensive. That doesn’t mean it should be more expensive though, because if you are prepared to shop around and spend time comparing different quotes then it’s more than possible to get a really good price.

Not all drivers can get cheaper prices however, and if this includes you then perhaps you’re wondering why this is? Actually, it’s a number of reasons in my opinion, and we are now in a situation where car insurance companies are having more expenses, which in turn means they are then looking to get some of that money back through the policies.

For example, the “compensation” culture is now more common than a few years ago, as well as vehicle repair costs being more expensive and car insurance scams being carried out by criminal gangs.

This is a real problem for many of the more well known insurance companies, and explains why drivers are now paying 9% more.

What I think about this situation, and I know that many people agree with me, is the government should be doing more in all of this, either by making sure this so called “compensation culture” is not putting too much pressure on the car insurance companies or by making sure that honest drivers are not punished with expensive premiums.

Will something be done soon? It’d difficult to say really, but it would certainly make things a lot easier for the millions of UK motorists out there who just want good insurance at a fair price.

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