Tesla to Install Super Computer in Cars

If you are yet to be convinced by the self-drive revolution, then a new move by popular electric car maker Tesla might change your mind.

As I’ve wrote about before, when it comes to self-driving cars there are basically only two names worth mentioning right now, Tesla and Google.

While Google are busy crashing into buses and then trying to get away without giving their insurance details, Tesla have decided to really move the technology forward and put the ability to self-drive right in front of the public.

They’ve just announced plans to put a super computer in all of their electric cars, even the Model 3 which is their cheapest car.

The main thinking behind this is that all cars will then have the ability to become self-driving in the future, as they will have things such as cameras, sensors and radars already installed. The owner then has a chance to upgrade once the technology becomes better and more available

This is a great idea from Tesla in my opinion, as it gives them a way to introduce self-driving features to the public, without the need to fully sell them on a self-driving car.

Of course, anybody that has been following events from Tesla and Google know that having a fully self driven car on the road is potentially years away, mainly because the technology still has a long way to go.

It will happen, don’t get me wrong, just don’t expect to a car driving itself down your street in a couple of years time.

What I find really interesting about this new super computer that Tesla are installing in all of their cars is the fact it will be recording data all of the time and giving the company information about the way people drive. This data will then be used to make the self-driving technology better.

Is this a good thing though? Some experts out there are saying the new super computer won’t actually do anything for self-driving cars, and in fact, this is only a move to get investor confidence back after Tesla missed sales targets last year.

These experts claim that all the computer will be doing is gathering data, which might end up setting the technology back if things don’t go to plan.

An interesting view no doubt, but in my opinion this is a good move by Tesla, as it it offers a way to get self-driving features into cars without having to sell a “self-driving car.”

Also consumers can save money with one of these cars as all of that data could potentially be used when getting car insurance quotes.

In other words, if you are a good driver then these new cars from Tesla will allow you to get cheaper car insurance.

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