Experts Say Motorists Should Shop Around for Insurance

Leading experts in the motor industry have warned the British public to avoid staying with the same insurance company.

In other words, do not “auto-renew” like so many people do, because many times you will be getting a bad deal and would be able to find much cheaper options by shopping around.

What has been happening of course, is that many car insurance companies get comfortable and simply expect many of their current customers to stay loyal and keep on auto-renewing the policy.

They have started thinking this is a perfect opportunity to charge more and get some easy profits, but it now it appears the British public are starting to understand what is happening.

Did you know that the average renewal premium is now £512? That is certainly a lot to pay for car insurance, especially if you’ve got a good driving record and haven’t made any claims.

Not only that, but many drivers should be rewarded with no claims bonuses, but many times this just isn’t the case. Surely you deserve better? I think you do.

Another reason why insurance premiums are becoming too expensive is because of something called IPT, which is basically an insurance premium tax that many insurers decide to add on to your policy. No doubt to get more profits and add to the bottom line of the company.

That’s why it is time for you and everybody else to do something about this.

Usually, when you decide to do something you might be surprised at how easily the insurance companies accept what you want, and will do anything they can to keep you as a customer.

If you believe your current company is charging too much, then the first step is to turn off your auto-renewal. After that, start shopping around with a car insurance comparison website, where you have the benefit of being able to compare many different quotes from trusted insurers.

This is where things get interesting. Once you’ve got some different quotes, phone up your current company and let them know you’re planning to go elsewhere…many times you will have them doing everything to keep you as a customer, even offering a lower quote then you have got from elsewhere.

Instead of being charged more for renewing you car insurance, you have turned things in your favour and got a cheaper deal. This is more than possible if you do things right, although it does take a bit work on your part.

Unfortunately, most people just keep on auto-renewing their car insurance, never knowing or they could be getting a cheaper deal by shopping around.

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