Teens Warned About Car Insurance

It seems that teenagers always get the highest car insurance quotes, especially those who have just passed their driving test.

In order to get cheaper policies, many teenagers have been lured into trusting “dodgy” car insurance brokers who are not entirely on the level, and in fact, appear to be in the business of conning people and taking their hard earned cash.

Take Thomas Stokes for example, a 19 year old lad from Liverpool who was stopped by Police while driving his new car. The reason for being stopped? His car had been flagged by their automatic insurance detector.

However, as far as Thomas was concerned he was fully insured for the next 6 months, after he had paid £650 for coverage from a so called “insurance broker,” recommended to him by a friend.

Unfortunately it turned out the broker wasn’t even a business, and the insurance policy might as well have been written on a beer mat.

As you can no doubt guess, when Police rang the number Thomas provided they couldn’t get through to anyone and there was no record of his policy on the national database.

To put this simply, the teenager had been conned, but fortunately the court went easy on him and decided to just give a warning instead of 6 points on his license.

You know, I’ve been hearing more and more about these kind of cases happening around the country, and it’s mostly teenagers falling victim to the scams.

I think the main reason is because the car insurance quotes they are getting from the major companies are so outrageous they have no option but to go elsewhere, even if it is a shady broker that no-one has heard of.

When this is the only option on the table then of course they are going to take it, as most teenagers are eager to get on the road and start their life of independence.

Due to more of these cases happening around the country, Police are urging young people to be careful when buying car insurance, and to only get quotes from recognised companies and websites.

That’s all well and good, but when your cheapest quote is in the thousands and you’ve just spent thousands on a new car, then it’s not always possible to do this.

My opinion? As I’ve said before, many of the top insurance firms should consider allowing teens to install telematics in their car, where they can then be tracked and data about their driving sent back to the insurance company. This will allow them to feel more confident about insuring teens at a reasonable rate, while at the same time showing teens they must drive safely if they want to be insured.

Will this happen though? Not on a big enough scale, which means we are going to see more people get insurance from these kind of companies.

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