Car Insurance Quote was “6 Times Value of Vehicle”

When you go looking for a car insurance quote for your £2000 Peugeot, you don’t expect to be quoted nearly £12,000 a year.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Naomi Bowler, a 19 year old who was looking to get decent priced car insurance on her new car from well known insurance company Aviva. Instead, she got a quote so laughable and outrageous, that it’s hard to take it serious really.

I mean…how can they expect her to pay nearly £2000 a month for car insurance, on top of an initial £2000 deposit, when she would struggle to sell her car for that amount. It just doesn’t make any sense, and it makes you wonder what kind of process these big car insurance companies are using to come up with some of these quotes.

Of course, young and inexperienced drivers are expected to pay slightly higher premiums, at least until they prove themselves as reliable and safe motorists who obey the laws of the road, but to have such a high quote is so silly that it is simply wasting her time.

You would think that wouldn’t you, but no, Aviva have actually defended the quote, stating it is fair and reasonable and if she doesn’t want to accept the quote then she is free to go elsewhere. Yes, I think she might just do that Aviva.

Even more bizarrely, Naomi was insured before with her first car after passing her test, at a cost of £100 a month. Now, after 2 years of safe driving with no claims at all, Aviva have come up with a quote of £2000 a month. Well that seems reasonable.

Understandably, Naomi was stunned when she got the quote, which would cost her all of the £1400 wages (after tax) she makes every month from her job. Not only that, but she commented that instead of taking up the car insurance offer from Aviva, she might as well just buy a new car every month worth the same money.

At first she thought it was a mistake on her part, due to putting in wrong details somewhere on the online application form, but then she put in the details again, double checked them, and it came up with the same quote.

Not surprisingly, Naomi has declined to take up car insurance with Aviva and has since found a more affordable insurance premium from another company.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…some of the car insurance quotes that young drivers get are way too high, and if companies like Aviva don’t feel comfortable insuring younger and inexperienced drivers, they should make this clear on their website so people like Naomi don’t end up wasting their time.

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