Drivers Use Telematics for Lower Car Insurance

There is nothing more annoying than seeing drivers talking on their mobile phones or texting away while driving. Let’s face it, this kind of behaviour is a leading cause of road accidents, and is probably one of the main reasons why car insurance premiums have been going through the roof just lately.

In a recent survey over 60% of people agreed that any kind of smartphone activity while driving just isn’t on, and those drivers who refrain from doing so should be rewarded with cheaper car insurance.

Obviously, in the past, it was impossible for car insurance companies to know which drivers use their phones at the wheel, and this means there was no way to offer lower premiums to those who followed the rules.

Good news though, as there is now something called telematics policies being offered by insurance companies, where they are able to find out who has been using their mobile while driving thanks to a clever little app that is installed on your phone. While some people might think this is going a bit too far, almost bordering on spying, I completely disagree and welcome these kind of innovations that help reward drivers who follow the laws of the road. At the end of the day who doesn’t want lower car insurance? I certainly do.

It’s really shocking to see that people who use mobile phones while driving are nearly twice as likely to cause or be involved in a traffic accident, and this is why I believe that people who are not willing to get telematics installed as part of their car insurance policy should have to pay higher premiums.

So how does all of this telematics technology work you might be wondering? While some of the jargon can be a bit confusing, in simple terms it is a small device that connects directly to the cigarette lighter in your car. This is then synched with your smartphone via Bluetooth, where the installed app records details about your driving habits. It really isn’t that technical at all, and experts are predicting that telematic car insurance is the beginning of a new dawn in the industry, where insurance policies will be custom based on accurate driver behaviour.

Only time will tell how quickly UK drivers warm up to telematics in their cars, although it seems to be quite popular already, especially if you don’t have anything to hide.

Ultimately though, it might be a while until this kind of technology becomes the norm in an industry that is notoriously slow to change. There are still many big insurance companies out there who are stuck in the old way of doing things and don’t want to change. Although eventually they might not have any choice as consumers vote by taking their business elsewhere.

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