Car insurance fraudster escapes jail time

Don’t ask me how this happened, but a car insurance scam artist from Epsom managed to avoid jail time despite his nefarious “ghost broker” antics.

Have you heard of the whole ghost broker phenomenon? It’s when some particularly enterprising scammer tries to pass himself off as a legitimate car insurance broker to unsuspecting Brits. These poor suckers pay ghost brokers to insure their vehicles for them – plus a hefty fee of course – and then the criminal will often just pocket the cash and walk away. Other times, they will take out cover on behalf of their “customers,” often through completely falsified personal information. Either way, the victims of the scam end up driving about without valid motor car insurance – and if they’re caught out because of a road traffic accident, watch out!

Well, a 28 year old from Epsom just got caught acting as an unauthorised insurance broker over a period of close to two years. This enterprising bloke bilked nearly £90,000 out of a passel of victims, many of which had spotty or practically nonexistent ability to speak English. Good news is that he was indeed caught red-handed. The bad news? The blighter managed to avoid jail time!

That’s right: his 16 month prison sentence was turned into a two year suspension at Guildford Crown Court recently. Oh, he doesn’t get off completely free – he will have to do 200 hours of unpaid work – but yet somehow this feels completely unfair to me. Not to mention everyone else he so firmly rodgered over his tenure as a criminal capitalist.

This wasn’t a one-time thing – he set up some 133 completely fraudulent insurance policies over his time as a ghost broker. He made around £10,000 in profit. Sure, there’s going to be a confiscation hearing sometime soon, but for pity’s sake, why does this criminal get away without facing jail time?

Is it because he victimised immigrants and those who could barely speak English? Have we sunk so low that we just don’t even care about the least of us here in the UK at this point? Are we going to blame the victim, telling them that they should have known better than to have used an unlisenced car insurance broker? Whatever happened to holding the person who actually committed the crime responsible?

Well, there you have it, folks – you too can have a lucrative career as a car insurance fraudster. Just try not to get caught, and don’t worry if you do – apparently all you’ll have to do is pick up some rubbish on the side of the roadway for a few weeks straight and you’ll be let off the hook! Deplorable.

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