£150m roads project to lower car insurance rates?

A £150 million roads project to revolutionise British motorways through technology just may make it easier to find cheap car insurance in the UK.

The new massive revitalisation project, recently unveiled by Highways England, is set to kick off in 2017 and continue until 2021.The Government plans on spending massive amounts of dosh to bring autonomous driving technologies, WiFi roads, radar and other high tech tools to make motorists’ lives easier and safer – and it’s convinced that car insurance rates will drop by at least a collective £14 billion as a result.

New trials are set to start by the end of next year on the A2/M2 corridor between Kent and London. Specially adapted vehicles will be sent information wirelessly about road and traffic conditions, and then passed on to other cars on the road with suggestions for alternative routes or to change lanes to avoid delays. Meanwhile tunnels and motorways like Surrey’s Hindhead Tunnel will be equipped with radar technology. This is meant to improve breakdown detection. Likewise sensors placed on roads and bridges would be able to alert authorities when maintenance is needed, speeding up the process considerably. Other investments include traffic lights at junctions that adapt to traffic conditions and time of day as well as autonomous car technology as well.

Car insurance companies say that all of these safety features, especially automated driving technologies, will likely result in massive insurance premium savings by 2020. Some 180 million driver assistance systems are slated to be produced annually by the end of the decade, which would ostensibly reduce accidents by an exponential margin.

So who else is a bit skeptical that all these amazing new high-tech adaptations will work without a hitch? I mean don’t get me wrong – I like about as much science fiction as the next bloke. But these seem like rather complex systems, and when such a complex system is unleashed on a country with millions of drivers and hundreds of thousands of cars on the roads, there’s bound to be some hiccoughs along the way.

Would I love my car insurance rates to plummet because of all these safety features? You’re damn right I would! But I’ll believe it when I see it. Still, 2020 isn’t that far away – and 2017 is truly right around the corner. I fervently hope these new initiatives work, because I don’t know about you but I for one am sick and tired of rising premiums every annual renewal cycle!

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