Can a dashcam reduce your insurance costs?

Look out, lads: a new tool is said to have the potential to bring down the cost of motor car insurance, and it’s not coming from any insurance company.

A few years ago, car insurance companies were all a-flutter with the newest technology at their disposal that could reduce the cost of claims and by extension make it easier to find cheap car insurance for their customers. Telematics, the little satnav-like spy bunged under your motor’s bonnet, kept an eye on your actions whilst driving about, and awarding you with cheaper rates if you didn’t drive like a pillock.

Well now there’s another piece of tech that could save your arse as well – but this time it’s not being controlled directly by your insurer like a telematics device. Instead, it’s an old tech that’s become new again: a dashboard-mounted camera.

Insurers love dashcams, it turns out. More importantly many insurers love them so much that they’re willing to cut you a bit of a discount on your car insurance if you fit one to your own car. The reasoning is fairly obvious, as a dashcam recording can show whether or not you really were at fault in that traffic collision you were just in. It can preserve your no-claims discount and keep your premium from rocketing when you renew. Not that you should be relying on auto-renewal to save money on your insurance policies, but you know what I’m getting at.

So what’s the downside? Well you’ll have to spend your own dosh on one, to start. Honestly they’re not that expensive – you can get one for around 10 quid if you’re really skint. Of course a cut-rate dashcam may not last as long as one you can get for around £100, nor will it have the extra bells and whistles like an LCD screen for playback or an integrated GPS to record where you were and how fast you were going at the time of an accident. Then again, if you’re prone to speeding – and that contributed to your accident – you might not want your dashcam betraying you to your own insurer.

Of course you could always just not behave like an arse on the road. Barring that, most of these expensive models will let you toggle the satnav capability off. Really though, would it kill you to drive like a rational human being from time to time? Honestly now.

So think about it: save on your insurance up front and preserve your good driving record, all for a hundred quid or less? If you ask me, you’d have to be daft to not get a dashcam of your own.


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