Accountants driving up our car insurance rates

Want someone to blame besides car insurance companies for your out of control premium payments? Look no further than the nation’s cadre of accountants.

At least that’s what evidence from a new insurance industry study says. A specialist motor car insurance provider says that, after looking over the claims history of more than a million Brits, the ones responsible for more than 16,000 car insurance claims every year are these number crunchers. Working it out, that’s something like 44 accidents every day of the week!

Apparently it’s not just accountants that are causing problems for the rest of us when it comes to trying – and failing – to find cheap car insurance. Rounding out the top three are solicitors, who ended up with more than 15,000 accident claims a year, and doctors, who jumped from ninth-worst to a solid third place in just a single year. Something tells me our nation’s GPs are working too hard and putting the rest of us at risk!

So who should we praising for being more careful when on the road? Well, roofers and farm workers contributed less than 4,000 car accident claims on a yearly basis, so well done you if you work in one of those professions – you’re obviously not part of the problem. Butchers, carpet fitters, builders, cleaners, and yes even lorry drivers were all at the low end of the spectrum, showing that you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to work to be a conscientious motorist.

Look, I’m not going to say that if you’re a doctor, a lawyer, or a financial expert that you’re rubbish behind the wheel. Accidents happen – often in circumstances that are beyond our control – and for what it’s worth nobody’s perfect. Furthermore the new data doesn’t break down how many people per profession are on the road; if there’s twice the number of solicitors motoring about than there are carpet fitters, of course the accident figures of the former are going to be higher. So it’s not a blanket condemnation.

At the same time, would it kill you blokes to be a bit more alert when you clamber behind the wheel of your vehicles? Safer roads lead to fewer accidents, and that sends premium prices down. We need that right now, what with rampant rate increases hammering all of us, regardless of what type of career we’re in. If you ask me, nobody is such a perfect driver that they can’t benefit from being a little more cautious and careful!


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