Google shuttering its insurance comparison site?

Rumours are swirling that Internet giant Google is going to shutter Google Compare, its car insurance comparison service.

Google Compare has been a well-used tool in the fight to find cheap car insurance when it first debuted in 2012 here in the UK. The service, which also sought to provide comparison tools for consumers shopping around for mortgages and credit cards, is likely to begin winding up sometimes next week both in the UK and the US, according to industry insiders who say the service just wasn’t turning a large enough profit for one of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies.

Honestly I’m not too surprised by the development, if the rumours turn out to be true. Google is one of those companies that will try more or less everything it can to diversify its revenue model beyond online search and advertising, as they can certainly afford to take bizarre risks like that considering they have more dosh than Harry Enfield. Despite the loads of money the company has, it’s encountered plenty of dead ends like Google Glass – the augmented reality spectacles that coined the term “Glasshole” for anyone thick enough to wear the device out in public – as well as the absolutely tepid Google Plus social network that has next to nothing in terms of membership when compared to juggernauts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Of course for every Google Glass, there are dozens of invaluable Google apps like Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, and of course the nearly ubiquitous Android mobile operating system. This means that the massive company is likely not to be feeling much in the way of the sting from closing out their car insurance comparison service. Besides it’s not like Google doesn’t run online adverts practically everywhere, including on the websites of rival comparison sites or even the sites for car insurance companies themselves. On top of that, there are so many comparison sites out there already in the UK that British motorists aren’t going to suffer for lack of choice when it comes to shopping around for motor car insurance.

Finally, Google is still looking into this whole driverless car technology as well. Ironically that might end up helping drivers get cheap car insurance better than any old comparison site, since robots are likely to be much safer drivers that humans. That is, of course, until they rise up as one and attempt to slay their masters like in some Arnold Schwarzenegger film.


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