Ghost brokers narrowly avoid jail

A quartet of so-called “ghost brokers” – individuals masquerading illegally as car insurance brokers – have narrowly and miraculously avoided jail time.

The four Birmingham men, whom I’m not going to name because I’m not giving them any sort of publicity, bastards that they are, were going around forging documents on behalf of their “clients” to secure cheap car insurance for the poor sods. Of course these criminal would-be brokers weren’t actually securing valid motor car insurance for any of their clients, despite the fact these individuals were being bilked out of hundreds by these four sorry criminals.

So these four were caught, red-handed no less, but somehow managed to completely avoid any jail time. The ringleader had his six month sentence suspended for a year and levied a fine of £500 for court costs; his second in command ended up with an electronic tag for a month, along with a curfew, a victim surcharge of £60 and costs of £220. The two lackeys ended up with being ordered to complete 40 hours’ worth of unpaid work each along with a victim surcharge and costs as well.

So what does this teach us, besides apparently being a ghost broker isn’t bad work if you can get it? Well, it does show that you really can’t trust anyone, especially when it comes to getting your own cheap car insurance. Honestly, for what it’s worth you’re better off perusing a few car insurance comparison sites and finding the best insurance quote for you. Just make sure you provide accurate personal details unless you want to end up with invalid car insurance. There won’t be anyone to blame if you do it to yourself after all, now will there?

Yes, looking for a good premium price yourself is time-consuming and often exhausting. It’s better than being taken by a ghost broker for hundreds, and it’s also better than just letting your existing policy auto-renew – because we all know that car insurance companies reward loyalty with higher rates. Either way you’ll be spending much more than you should be. So steer clear of car insurance brokers unless you know for a fact that they’re legitimate, don’t ever auto-renew, and get to work comparing prices on at least two to three different comparison sites. You know it’s the only way to save money on car insurance nowadays.

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