Fraudsters targeting car insurance comparison sites?

The Insurance Fraud Task Force says car insurance comparison sites need to be on the lookout for fraudsters, warning to look for “suspicious” activity.

So, how does it feel to know that the Government thinks you’re some sort of criminal when it comes to your attempts to find cheap car insurance? Well, it’s true – the task force, which is a Government initiative, just put the word out to comparison sites to look for middle-class Brits trying to “game” the system. If they detect anything amiss, they should take it one step further and get in contact with car insurance companies directly, the Insurance Fraud Task Force continued.

So what’s the impetus behind this new push to criminalise normal rank-and-file Brits when it comes to looking for the best car insurance rates? Well, the Government – through the task force – says that as many as one out of every three motorists is cooking the books when it comes to the information they share with comparison sites. The aim of these nefarious ne’er-do-wells, the Government says, is to either adjust or omit the data they share with these sites to get the best rates they can.

Now for most folks this is just par for the course. You’ve got to shop around for the best quote you can get, especially since it’s so damned expensive to secure annual car cover, and if you don’t at least try to find the best deal. It’s why there are comparison sites in the first place. In fact, the industry as a whole practically requires you to look for a new insurer every year because the “rewards” of loyalty to your existing insurance provider is often hiked car insurance rates if you auto-renew. In other words, this whole situation has been created wholly by the insurance industry in and of itself.

Now, I’m not saying that insurance fraud doesn’t happen. I’d have to be damned naive to make such a statement, especially when it comes to the UK – more than one research study has shown that either Britons have the weakest necks in the eurozone or that the amount of whiplash fraud in the country is sky-high when compared to the continent. It’s a serious problem that both the Government and the insurance industry have tried to curb to little effect – and perhaps the fact that the failed crusade against weeding out such claims has caused a shift towards a fight the Government thinks it can win. It’s all so much smoke and mirrors if you ask me!

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