How to save £113 on your insurance: don’t be daft


Wondering about the best ways to save some cash on your motor car insurance? Here’s a foolproof way to save at least £113: don’t be so bloody daft.

Does that sound a bit harsh? Well it’s because you probably deserve it, especially if you’re about to renew your car insurance. Did you know that nearly 6 million British motorists are missing out on savings of £113 a year or more simply because they don’t know enough to not automatically renew their cover with their existing car insurance company? I’ll bet you didn’t. I’ll even wager you’re one of those 6 million pillocks, aren’t you?

I’m only saying this because you’re effectively shooting yourself in the foot. Every year that goes by and you auto-renew your cover, whether it be out of apathy, ignorance, or a misplaced sense of loyalty, you’re letting your insurer run roughshod over you. How so you may ask? Well insurers routinely increase prices for long-term customers in order to subsidise the cut-rate deals they give new ones to entice them to sign up. This means that you’re essentially paying the difference on someone else’s discount car insurance. Because you’re a bloody pillock and you well deserve it.

Of course, you could take your destiny back. Get out there and actually shop around for better rates. Use a price comparison website if you have to in order to make it easier. I’ll almost guarantee you that you’ll be able to find a policy that offers you everything you have now at a lower price or one that offers you even better cover for what you’re currently paying. Either way that seems like a win to me. Plus you won’t be letting your existing insurer pull the wool over your eyes any more.

Sure you might have to keep vigilant every year by checking for new deals when it comes to renewal season. But it’s a small price to pay for not being taken advantage of, don’t you think? Then again, if you like getting buggered by massive companies with no interest in your wellbeing whatsoever, feel free to just auto-renew this year like you always do.

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