Health workers biggest liability when it comes to insurance


When it comes to the biggest liabilities out there, health workers like GPs are apparently the most prone to making claims on their motor car insurance.

A new annual survey from a major car insurance comparison website found that medical professionals were the ones that make the most car insurance claims. In fact, 28 per cent of GPs were found to have made claims over the last three years, earning the physicians the not-so coveted top spot in the “worst motorist” category as classified by the number of claims made.

The rest of the healthcare industry didn’t exactly get off easy either, as hospital consultants made claims 27 per cent of the time, drug addiction counsellors did so 26 per cent of the time, and health visitors 25 per cent of the time.  Meanwhile, environmental health officers and probation officers both made insurance claims 24 per cent of the time.

Meanwhile, guess who were at the bottom of the claims lists? Why, just those professions that work in the motor car industry in different capacities. Car dealers only made claims 4 per cent of the time, while other safe drivers were couriers and car valets. Believe it or not professional footballers were also considered ‘safer’ drivers as well; I don’t know what that’s all about but well done footballers I suppose?

So why are doctors such abysmal drivers? Well think about it for a moment – these blokes and birds spend their days dealing with the sick and injured all day every day. GPs and hospital workers often see humanity at its worst – the sick, the dying – and they’re tasked with stitching these people back up and saving their lives. That’s a pretty damned depressing and stress-inducing job if you ask me; for what it’s worth, I kind of expect overworked and frazzled doctors and health care workers to end up so exhausted that they’re likely to prang the bloke in front of them at the closest roundabout on the way home.

It’s an occupational hazard, I suppose. Still, most healthcare workers get paid rather well; I’m sure they can afford the increased car insurance rates for being in a demographic that’s known t be absolute rubbish behind the wheel.

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