No mercy for motorists, no matter what they do


Both the government and the nation’s car insurance companies have no mercy for motorists lately, no matter their identity or their actions.

It’s common knowledge that car insurance providers will adjust your premium price based on any number of variables, and that one of them is your occupation. Footballers and footballers’ wives aren’t exactly known for circumspect driving, which earns them high rates, and clerks tend to be considered meek and cautious behind the wheel, which sees them being offered better car insurance rates – but did you know being a famous author can see you being denied insurance cover at all?

it’s absurd but it’s true – famous novelist Ian Rankin, most well known for the series of novels featuring his character Inspector Rebus, recently went public with the revelation that one insurer turned him down for cover because he was a writer. Rankin joked that he felt a renewed sense of danger and edginess since the refusal in a tweet he sent recently, prompting other bemused Twitter users to respond with their own tales of ridiculous insurance behaviour.

I’m sure Mr Rankin was denied automatically by some computer system somewhere and not a real person. Or maybe he was denied by an actual living, breathing bloke that just wasn’t a fan of his novels perhaps? Either way it’s ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous, another man ended up in jail after he responded to a call for help from a neighbour whose house was burning down. While this bloke isn’t famous, he did at least leap to help bring his mate and his family somewhere safe as their house was aflame – only to be thown in the kip after it came out that he took his mother’s car without asking and that he was driving about without a licence or proper insurance.

It’s important to note here that two things went wrong: the idiot got into the car knowing full well that he was risking incarceration since he had no licence, and the idiot’s mother decided to report him to police herself. I don’t know what’s more distressing: the fact that this man’s heart was in the right place in helping his friend but that he had his head up his own arse, or that his mother is such a lovely human being that she actually called the cops on her own son, despite the fact he was helping a friend in need.

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