September, not April, is the cruelest month for insurance


September is one of the busiest months for car insurance companies, as a large number of people renew their cover – and often pay through the nose.

In fact, you could end up being one of the millions of car insurance customers who lose out on a collective £2 billion annually by not shopping around for the best deals – or at least that’s what the research from a major car insurance comparison site revealed this week. Automatically renewing your cover with an existing  provider is almost always a bad idea, the research says, because insurers love hiking rates for their ‘loyal’ customers. They do this to finance their incredibly low rates that they offer to new customers as incentive.

So yes, you’re a bloody idiot for not switching your insurer every year or so – or at least seeing if you’re getting the best deal from your existing provider. Of course sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you look for a new quote; if you’re a member of a certain demographic that’s known for getting into accidents it doesn’t matter where you go for cover – it’s going to be expensive all over.

In fact, even more research this week revealed that when it comes to the occupations of Brits, there’s one type of person that will make at-fault claims against their insurer more often than anyone else. The results surprised me: it turns out that surgeons are the most accident-prone.

It’s not just surgeons, either – apparently any type of health professional is a ticking time bomb behind the wheel. Whether it’s hospital consultants, health visitors or GPs, they’re all bloody dangerous. Probably because they’re all overworked and sleep-deprived, no doubt?

Well the good news is that most medical professionals are more or less rather well-paid. This means that they’ll be able to afford their heightened car insurance premiums. It also means they’re probably the only class of people that really won’t benefit much from switching insurers this month, as wherever they go their price quotes are going to reflect their chosen profession and the fact that it’s a statistical certainty that they’ll cost their insurers an arm and a leg at some time in their lives or another.

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