Are insurers squeezing motorists for every last penny?


While there have been recent reports that the average price of car insurance cover is on the decline, there’s evidence that insurers are still hungry for cash.

How are car insurance companies lining their pockets even as they keep slashing their rates? Well it’s simple really – just because a customer’s car insurance rates are dropping doesn’t mean you can’t increase the fees he or she needs to pay for absolutely every aspect of their cover. Reports have begun to emerge regarding how many insurers are hiking up every single fee they can in response, from early cancellation fees to simple fees for changing the details of a policy after a major change, such as getting married. Some insurers are even charging for the ‘privilege’ of renewing a policy or even taking one out in the first place, if you can believe it!

Not only that – as if this wasn’t bad enough – sometimes you might end up increasing your rates without even trying. Some consumers are finding that ringing up their insurer with questions regarding their policy could end up biting them on the arse later on. In fact sometimes it’s not even a call to your current insurer but to a previous one that can see your rates getting hiked – especially if you call to ask if your excess covers minor storm-related damage to your bonnet or if it’s more cost-effective to just pay out of pocket. Apparently now you don’t even have to make a claim – or you could even have a no-fault claim on your record – and you’re hit with a big fat fee. Lucky you!

This is of course absolutely awful as far as I can see. For what it’s worth, if insurers are so desperate for cash they should stop slashing their rates so bloody low and just eliminate all these ridiculous fees and charges. And for pity’s sake stop penalising your customers for ringing you up for information, especially when it ends up with a customer paying for repairs instead of you. Honestly what’s the matter with you? It’s not like you’re paying out on a claim or for repairs – the customer’s actually saving you money, you daft bastard!

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