Birmingham is a bad neighbourhood for insurers


British car insurance companies certainly have their hands full with motorists living in or near Birmingham, if this week’s news stories are any indication.

First a bit of light humour – apparently the Man of Steel and his twin brother were caught flying a bit low on the M42 recently. In fact, they were pulled over near junction 4 of the motorway after police saw an old Peugeot 106 drive by with a cape flapping in place of where the rear window should be – and a pair of gentlemen dressed in Superman costumes in the front seats.

Of course I don’t know what these two blokes were thinking, but they didn’t last long under the kryptonite stares of the police who pulled them over. The car was taken to its own personal Fortress of Solitude after it turned out the driver didn’t have proper motor car insurance. What happened to the two Supermen? Well perhaps they were banished to the Phantom Zone.

This is just one story about Birmingham and its insanity when it comes to cars, but there are other less amusing incidents that have occurred in and nearby Birmingham city centre with enough regularity and severity that now it’s the most expensive place to try to find car insurance cover. Not even a car insurance comparison website is likely to help; cheap car insurance is just generally unavailable in Birmingham. In fact when you compare it to the city with the least expensive cover – Aberdeen – Birmingham’s residents pay on average a whopping seven times as much for comparable cover!

So yes, it may sound amusing to have a few so-called superheroes motoring about on the M42, but the antics of these individuals – plus many more less obvious folks – have resulted in it being impossible to keep a car in Birmingham without shelliing out an arm and a leg. There is a reason, after all, that Superman flies instead of drives everywhere – and if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure that Clark Kent takes public transport. He’s much too frugal to own a car in a big city like Metropolis, after all. I wonder what kind of rates he would be offered, though?

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