Things only get cheaper until they don’t, you know


New research has found that the cost of keeping a car has gone down by a moderate margin, but more costs – and massive ones – are right around the corner.

Nobody likes having to scramble to find cheap car insurance, but there is some relief on that front based on new data from the AA. The motoring organisation says that the last few years have seen consistent decreases in the cost of keeping a car, and that includes the price of motor car insurance as well as petrol prices and average servicing costs.

If you own a petrol burner that’s not worth more than £13,000 for instance, it should theoretically only cost you around £1,900 a year to keep it from rusting out in your driveway. This is a drop of around £300 from the previous year. More expensive cars also saw a reduction in their overall costs as well, but let’s be honest – these savings aren’t going to be typical when it comes to everyone. Not only that but there are some massive possible price increases on the horizon.

The biggest one – and the one most of you are going to groan and whinge about – are the new fixed penalties for things such as speeding and talking on your mobile whilst behind the wheel. For a brief taste of what we’re all in for, consider the example that the Government quoted recently: while today you could end up having to pay a maximum fine of £2,500 for speeding on the motorway – already a small fortune – the new legislation could see this rising to a cool £10,000.

If that’s not bad enough, imagine what a nightmare it would be if you’re caught speeding. Once car insurance companies get wind of your poor behaviour on the roads they will without a doubt raise your car insurance rates, sometimes through the bloody roof. This could easily price you right off the road, though I suppose finding the cash to pay your insurance is a rather secondary concern when you compare trying to pay off a massive ten thousand quid speeding offence.

Is the Government serious? Why not just forget the monetary penalty and simply execute speeders instead? I’m sure that a single bullet is much less expensive when it comes to dragging offenders into court. This is obviously some ploy of the Government to line their pockets with as much cash as they can. Oh well – I just hope there are some good public transport links in your area!

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