Younger Brits have to surmount major motoring obstacles


Trying to find cheap car insurance for young drivers is harder than finding a golden unicorn in the wild these days – and things just keep getting worse.

Younger Brits have always faced an uphill battle when it comes to getting behind the wheel. While the biggest hurdle can be finding motor car insurance – especially since most car insurance companies treat those under 25 as if they’re lepers – but now new reports say that things are getting even harder.

The bleak economic situation of the past few years has been a particularly troublesome problem for many younger drivers. With a lack of available jobs they’re qualified for, most younger Brits have a hard time saving up enough for even a used motor and the insurance cover that goes with it, and new research from a leading car insurance comparison site found that more than one out of every four have to ask their parents for financial help purchasing their first car.

Sadly financial help from parents usually starts and stops just at the vehicle itself. Prices may be down overall but younger drivers still pay through the nose for insurance cover, even if they opt for a telematics device. Not only that, but more research found that some of the most dangerous roads in the UK for teenagers to be driving on happen to be rural ones.

In fact, a survey by the RAC Foundation found that when it came to drivers between the ages of 17 and 19, there was nowhere more dangerous than rural roads in Dyfed Powys of all places. Casualty rates were over 18 per cent in the region alone, easily making it the one place in the UK that you’re likely to get into an accident if you’re under 20 years old.

Overall, the study found that younger Brits, while only making up 1.5 per cent of the motoring public, are involved in accidents at a much higher rate than other age groups. In other words young drivers are a statistical danger, which will prompt another round of rate increases for these poor kids. For what it’s worth I suppose keeping younger Brits off the road by charging them impossibly high rates will make things safer for the rest of us, but this seems the height of injustice doesn’t it?

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