Insurers will do anything to raise your rates


If there’s anything this week’s news reports have taught me it’s that car insurance companies will do whatever it takes to increase your premium prices.

In fact, insurers love to make up excuses all the time for raising your car insurance rates. Much of it is statistical bollocks, like how there are many drivers in Sudbury are getting their rates hiked, presumably because they live in close proximity to an open prison.

Yes, that’s right – the little village is experiencing rate hikes, especially for younger drivers, simply because they’re close to the prison in question. Now say what you want about the idea of having people doing time in a prison that has little in the way of security, it’s not like the place just opens its doors in the morning and tells all its prisoners to be back at sunset – it’s not like they’re roaming the countryside getting into mischief and stealing cars!

Despite this – and in the face of statistics that say Sudbury is actually quite a low-crime area, especially vehicle crime – rates keep going up. Many industry experts – including myself – smell a rat, and it’s not coming from the prison.

Of course it’s not just Sudbury residents getting the piss taken out of them by their insurers. Across the UK there’s something like nearly £2 billion being left on the table because around 23 per cent of motorists don’t bother switching insurance every year.

Well here’s a tidbit for you: you’re a pillock if you don’t switch. Do you know what insurers do for loyal customers? Hike their rates every year, that’s what. Don’t be a fool, and don’t trust your car insurance provider – jump ship as soon as you can and you could save as much as £200 a year, according to research conducted by a major car insurance comparison site.

Honestly, insurers are out to get you and they will stop at nothing to gather up as much cash as they can from their customers. Don’t let them win – outsmart them at their own game and you can stand tall and proud knowing that you’re smarter than these greedy bastards.

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