Car insurance companies love to take the p*ss out of you


This week it’s been revealed that car insurance companies are experts in taking the piss out of their customers in new and exciting ways that defy description.

Now I know that sounds like it’s completely obvious, but I’m sure you’re not aware of just how far down the rabbit hole goes. In fact, here’s one little tidbit of information that’s sure to boggle your mind: the small print on many motor car insurance policies is longer, word-for-word, than many classic novels!

Don’t believe me? Well a consumer watchdog website found that the seminal George Orwell novel Animal Farm, which clocks in at about 30,000 words, is actually shorter than the small print on car insurance policies from M&S Bank, Esure, Sheila’s Wheels, and Endsleigh to name a few. In other words it takes fewer words for one of the true masters of the English language to craft a timeless classic piece of literature than it does for these insurers to explain how they’re going to bugger you out of as much money as they possibly can.

In fact, there’s even more evidence discovered lately that many insurers are siphoning vast sums of cash from their customers for the most unfair reasons. One of the most egregious instances was uncovered by the AA, which published a study this week revealing how some insurers will end up being quoted higher premium prices for having one or two no-fault claims.

Can you believe that? Insurers charging you more – and not just a little bit more, we’re talking as much as 30 per cent to 50 per cent higher – simply for making a no-fault claim or two. How do you feel about getting penalised for being pranged from behind whilst waiting patiently at a traffic light? Because that’s exactly the kind of situation the AA used when shopping around for new insurance, and apparently not being at fault but still being involved in an accident is a cardinal sin when it comes to insurance companies. I swear, any excuse to charge you more for their paltry services eh? It’s positively criminal if you ask me!

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