Just stay home to avoid motoring costs – and the police!


The old saying goes ‘sometimes it’s not worth getting out of bed in the morning,’ and motorists sick of paying high car insurance rates undoubtedly agree.

In fact, new research findings recently culled from the 2011 Census have revealed that an increasing number of Brits are not bothering with their vehicles when it comes to going to work. Instead they’re staying home and telecommuting when they can, making it easier to reduce the number of cars in a household or even eliminate them completely if there’s decent transport links nearby.

This of course means not having to pay through the nose for motor car insurance, but I think there’s an advantage to all us poor slobs that have to slog to work every day: fewer cars on the road mean that it’s just that much safer. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that the motorists left over aren’t complete pillocks – like the thick bastard that got pulled over by Surrey Road Police recently and argued with the cops about the nature of his vehicle’s car insurance policy.

This bright bulb’s argument to how he most certainly was insured is most definitely the most unique one I’ve ever heard of. He was insistent that he was driving with the proper cover because he had a stuffed Meerkat toy at home.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the little stuffed Meerkat was a giveaway from a well-known car insurance comparison website. The man’s reasoning seemed sound to him – at least until the terrible wake-up call he received when he was informed that sadly, Meerkat toys are indeed not valid proof of insurance.

So there you have it: the two-edged sword of fewer drivers spending time stuck in traffic before and after work. Sure, there will be less congestion – which means fewer incidents of road rage and road traffic accidents – but there’s also a higher likelihood that if you do indeed end up in an accident it’s going to be one of these brilliant motorists who think having their magic Meerkat on their nightstand at home is going to protect them from bad luck on the roads. I swear you can’t make this up even if you tried – and if you did no one would believe you, that’s for sure!

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