Motorists drive poorly, wonder why their rates are high


In what can only be described as the most unintentionally entertaining bit of news this week, it turns out bad drivers are confused why their rates go up.

So here’s something that will give you a chuckle or two: there have been several news reports recently revealing that wide swathes of British drivers are absolute crap behind the wheel. Despite this stunning fact, they can’t seem to grasp the fact that their car insurance rates keep growing ever higher.

First up we have a study that found a terrifying one in ten motorists in the UK don’t even bother getting motor car insurance before going about their business on the road. This is a six per cent increase over last year’s figures apparently, according to the car insurance comparison site that conducted the survey.

This is of course one of the stupidest things you could possibly do when it comes to driving. Without proper cover you’re quite literally breaking the law, risking a massive £300 fixed penalty at the least and a whopping six points on your licence as well. Not only that but if you get into an accident whilst uninsured, someone’s going to have to foot the bill – and car insurance companies as a whole end up splitting the cost betwixt them. This drives up the cost of insurance by a wide margin, with some reports revealing that that figure is around £400 million annually. Guess who ends up having to pay for that?

Meanwhile, even drivers who do bother to comply with the law and take out insurance cover aren’t off the hook. Another research study just found that around one tenth of motorists are driving whilst distracted, especially on shorter trips such as driving down to the corner shop or dropping the kids off at school. Driving about on so-called ‘autopilot’ is quite prevalent as well, with many drivers admitting to have missed turnings because they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

It’s terrible behaviour like this that also causes road traffic accidents. All you need it one inattentive driver distracted long enough to cause a major collision; even a relatively minor prang like a rear-end shunt can easily be avoided if you would just pay some bloody attention behind the wheel. For pity’s sake, take a bit of a break every few hours to stretch your legs or something – or in the event of just motoring about on your daily errands, try cracking the window a bit to get some fresh air on your face, would you?

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