Road safety made worse by drivers, not improved by cameras


Two new reports this week reveal how a large number of Brits not believe traffic cameras improve road safety; could be drivers themselves cause the trouble.

A recent poll conducted by a car insurance company discovered that a full 45 per cent of British drivers feel that there’s no discernible positive impact on road safety from traffic cameras. If anything, the roads might be less safe because of how motorists respond to these traffic cameras – especially when they run the risk of being caught speeding!

Drivers could end up paying more attention to their speedo instead of the other cars around them on the motorway if they’re in an area with traffic cameras, the research study said. Other respondents said that overreacting to traffic cameras could lead to unexpected changes in speed and heavy braking, and this could easily prompt the kind of road traffic accident that not only causes car insurance rates to go up but also to risk serious property damage or injury.

Meanwhile the advent of speed cameras seems to be doing nothing for general carelessness of motorists in the UK, so I don’t know how many people are actually keeping an eye on traffic cameras and who’s just ignoring them and going about their business. In fact, a new – and independent – report says that the last six months have seen more than 5,000 traffic stops by police specifically for careless driving.

Of course, these new traffic stops have been due to the unveiling of the new inconsiderate motoring laws went into effect in August of last year. Tailgating, lane-hogging, or any other reckless driving can now earn a motorist a traffic stop along with a fine and even penalty points.

So British motorists might complain and whinge about h ow these traffic cameras aren’t helping, but it really looks like the biggest problem they face is the one that stares right back at them in the mirror. Brits who decide to drive carefully and courteously to others are so few and far between that it’s like finding a rare animal thought to be extinct. Is it any wonder that our motor car insurance premiums are still so damned high? The insurance industry wouldn’t touch us with a five-foot pole unless they had to.

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