Insurers leave more drivers high and dry once again


Car insurance companies in the UK are at it again – now they’re providing so-called relief for some classes of Brits even as others are left without options.

In fact, insurers have lobbied hard to ensure that a new ‘second chance’ clause has been inserted into new legislation that leaves some 25 million Brits high and dry yet again. The new rules will allow a serious criminal to get their house in order in a matter of months, while a minor motoring offence made by a regular Brit will stick around on their record for five bloody years!

It’s true that sometimes you can get robbed of a chance to get cheap car insurance – or any car insurance at all – if you’ve a black mark on your record like a court summons. Meanwhile, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act is being amended with an eye towards no longer requiring disclosure of many criminal records whilst applying for financial services like insurance or loans. The idea is sound – if you’ve paid your debt to society, you should be allowed to put your life back together – but there’s specific language in the amendment to prevent offering that same clemency to anyone with endorsements or penalty points.

In other words, if you’re a completely law abiding citizen but you’ve gotten into some minor trouble speeding, you’re going to find a harder time getting discount car insurance than if you’re a hardened former felon. Yes it’s true, and it’s positively bizarre!

Meanwhile, I wonder how this will affect someone like 20 year old Thomas Johnson, a student that just pleaded guilty for his role in not only being caught driving without proper insurance cover but failing to both report and stop after a road accident he was involved in. He took his mother’s car without permission to go buy some cigarettes only to crash it on the way home, earning himself some 80 hours of community service to pay his debts.

Eight penalty points and a one year driving ban later, Johnson will be able to try to find some insurer willing to offer him cover once more. Of course good luck to him – meanwhile there will be people that have been released from jail after committing serious crimes that will have an easier time! How is that fair?

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