Brace yourself: telematics is coming


Well it’s finally happened – it looks like the tipping point for switching from traditional car insurance companies to a telematics-based one may be here.

Ah, yes, telematics. The embellished word for Big Brother car insurance. In other words, if you would just let your insurer keep tabs on how you drive at all times – and where you’re going – you’re awarded with discount car insurance as long as you drive like your old grandmother. Take it nice and slow, keep to the speed limit, and brake, turn and accelerate evenly and carefully and you’ll get a better insurance quote than someone who uses a traditionally based insurer.

Yes I suppose it’s a good idea, especially since most insurance companies don’t give a whit about anything but charging you as much as they can get away with. Not only that, but new reports this week point to how telematics policies are poised to more or less take over the world, leading to much safer – if not more boring – roads in the UK. Most British drivers seem to be all right with the idea as well, especially since it’s likely to save them a few hundred quid a year. Amazing that people will give up their privacy for some cash, eh?

Not only that, but it looks like the wave of telematics is spreading across the world like a nosy tidal wave. US mobile phone carrier Sprint just announced it will be offering a service that will connect telematics-based insurers to policyholders, essentially by offering to spy on anyone who wants a telematics policy in the United States. What’s more, rival provider AT&T also says they’re working on a similar service!

So yes, the encroachment of telematics is spreading like wildfire. It won’t be long now until it encircles the globe and we’re all begging to be overcharged on our insurance just so we can go down to the corner shop whenever we want without being given a lecture by our telematics insurer for wasting petrol!

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