Car insurance fraud ruining it for the rest of us – as usual


I swear some days the news is so bad that there’s no reason to get out of bed – and with news on how car insurance fraud is rampant, this is one of those days.

In fact, a new report came out this week that really drives the impact of motor car insurance fraud home: since 2008, there have been some 300,000 staged accidents, victimising in excess of 1,000 completely blameless drivers on a weekly basis. Not only that but all this fraud activity has been driving car insurance rates ever higher for everyone as insurers struggle to keep up with mounting claims costs.

The worst part is that younger drivers and women – two of the types of motorists who have the most accidents by statistical analysis – are the ones targeted more than any other British driver. In other words, shedloads of the accidents that younger Brits and female drivers are “responsible for” are simply instances of fraud. It makes me bloody furious to think about how these scammers are ruining it not just for everyone but specifically people who already have a devil of a time scraping together the cash for their insurance cover as it is!

Of course that’s not all when it comes to fraud. When is it ever all? No, it turns out that this week news broke how insurer Aviva had to contact tens of thousands of its policyholders that had been been in a road traffic accident in order to inform them that their personal details might have been stolen.

Yes, you read that right – two rogue Aviva workers who have since been sacked made off with the information, selling it to rogue claims management companies so these CMCs can then pester accident victims into making personal injury claims. What’s worse that there’s no way of knowing how many of these accidents were fraudulent in the first place, so now these drivers are getting victimised twice! Yes, the authorities are investigating the matter right now but you know how slippery these scammers are. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never catch the masterminds behind this little caper.

That’s it, I’ve had enough. I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when the self-driving car has been invented and none of us can be charged massive car insurance rates any more.

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