Worst drivers revealed by region and profession


This week, it’s been revealed through two different research projects just who the worst drivers in the UK are – and where they’ve all been living.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest determining factors that car insurance companies use to charge customers different rates is where you live. If you’re in a certain postcode you could be charged much higher car insurance rates than in another one – and now new research based on DVLA data has revealed the geographical area in the UK that has the worst drivers.

Using the criterion of the largest concentration of banned drivers, the West Midlands apparently is the country’s worst region. The town of Smethwick in particular has the highest percentage of banned motorists with 0.77 per cent of the nearly 21,000 licence holders no longer allowed on the road.

I feel terrible for anyone who lives in Smethwick that’s actually a decent motorist. With statistical figures like that, insurers are sure to charge anyone with a Smethwick postcode an arm and a leg for motor car insurance, which is inherently unfair if you ask me!

Meanwhile there’s even more shocking data that’s been revealed this week when it comes down to drivers in the UK who are the most accident prone. Apparently the top ten professions when it comes to drivers most likely to get into a car crash is positively dominated by health workers – a full 80 per cent in fact.

So why are GPs, dentists, nurses, and health counsellors getting into so many accidents? Well it’s not exactly a stress-free job, now is it? I know that junior doctors that work at NHS-run hospitals are often overworked to the point where they work 12-hour shifts, and after dealing with that for weeks at a time it’s no wonder that you’ve got exhausted medical professionals getting into car accidents left and right.

Of course insurers are likely to take this information and run with it as well, considering how keen they are to squeeze their policyholders as much as possible. It’s hard to find cheap car insurance nowadays, and it could be even harder if you live in the wrong place or happen to be in the wrong line of work. I can only imagine what the insurance costs are for a family doctor living in Smethwick!

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